Why is Search Engine Traffic so important?

SEO is the best tool to get organic traffic. Some Key facts about why SEO traffic is crucial for your website -

  • 93% of people are using the search engine.
  • 75% of people never scroll to page 2.
  • 80% of people click on organic resluts.
  • How long will it take my website to get on the first page of google?

    The search engine is not a paid campaign and comes with an open and end date. SEO instead is a strategy that takes time and is an ongoing process. Search engines take into consideration many aspects when ranking websites. Our SEO experts are proficient in providing results as early as possible. All while maintaining a safe and natural approach. Our SEO strategy will certainly help you to rank on Google in an initial 3 months of service. This will help you to boost traffic and sales.

    How can Digital Marketing help my business grow?

    Digital marketing builds brand reputation, earns people’s trust, ensure online business survival by targeting the right kind of people, and ensures better revenue growth expectancy.

    Digital marketing helps you maintain better interaction with your target audience, utilize generated leads, and improve your conversion rates with ease. Digital marketing helps businesses generate a better cost per lead which in turn helps them to gain a better return on their marketing investments.

    How does Social Media Marketing help in my business Propagation?

    Social Media Marketing is one of the best marketing tools that will get new customers for your business easily. Social media posts boost the company’s website traffic. It helps in ranking your website higher on the search engine result pages. Ads on social media enable companies to target users and get insight into their preferences.

    Why should I chose Brand Markitors for Digital Marketing services?

    Brand Markitors is an established Digital Marketing company that has been successfully delivering projects of all levels of complexity to clients spread across the world. Our clients range from small to large enterprises. We build powerful, responsive, and creative strategies for our clients as per their requirements.

    What is return on investment (ROI) on Search Engine Marketing?

    Search Engine Marketing is measurable and traceable with one click. From the cost of acquisition to increment such as new customers or average order value, advertisers can measure everything.

    How can PPC help my business?

    PPC / Google ads can help a business in a variety of domains -

    • Promotion of your products and services
    • Generate Sales/Leads for e-commerce sites
    • Boost brand
    • Generate quick traffic to your website
    • Target your potential customers across the world

    How can Email Marketing services help my business?

    Email Marketing is an excellent way to build relationships, engage with a potential customer, and increase sales for your business.

    In fact, 74% of marketers who used email consider email marketing as the best distribution channel for their content